I would like to tell you one thing,
It’s a love song.
It has words and beats and stuff,
It’s not too long.

If you hear me out a bit,
You may just agree,
In an endless world like this
We both belong
Forever in love.

I could make you a mixed tape,
I could show you the stars.
We could go to the movies,
Or hang out in my dad’s car.

But I guess you’ll go,
“Who the heck you are?”
You don’t even know
I sit behind you
In the class.

To you I’m just
A passing face.
A donut has seen
Better days.

This song I write,
(I know) It is in waste.

Yet I try.

Try to pen it,
Sing it, live it,
To win your heart.

To not be alone
And always in love
With a broken heart.


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