June called
It’s missing May.
But time,
Still it never stays.
Plead, cry,
I could do them all,
But time, its feet
Will keep marching on.

Little Tiny Creatures

sleepy girl

Little tiny creatures
Live under my bed.
You can’t see them,
But they’re not inside my head.
They know the words to Bonnie,
Who lies on ocean bed.
They pitter patter in the night
And tell me tales of dead.
Come morn they hide,
Cast a spell so wide,
Yes, much worse than Snow White’s,
And that’s why I’m always late.

One Word


One word.
One word is enough
To end this agony.
Like the parched earth
Thirsts for water,
My ears yearn for it.

One word
To break the heat,
To unleash the storms,
To release the anguish from gaping rifts.
Like mist rising to kiss the stars goodbye.

One word
To sweep away the cold,
To set the frozen lakes and woods
Dancing, alit in the merry breeze
With starlight, dust motes, pollen, seeds.

One word
That’s all it’d take.
But like the last snowflake of the season,
Refusing to thaw,
It stays at the very edge of your frozen lips.