Stuffy Nose

Half of a whole  CAKE

Few of a many TOFFEES

Would a square peg  SQUARE  fit in a hole NOSE


If it’s tini-mini?

If you ask this little girl girl1

She’ll tell you a strict “no”. No! No! No!

Don’t try it at home,

Or you’ll see doctors doctordoctordoctorand forceps,

And tears girlwill rush out!



The Fall of Timmy the Tyrant – Chapter 2 – The Boy with a Wicked Grin

At first glance, Timmy was a chubby ten-year-old with a gummy smile and puffy cheeks begging to be squeezed and pulled at. And when his parents approached the old man to look after their boy during the summer holidays, while they were off to work, he saw no different. In fact, he took an immediate liking to the boy.

“Sure,” he said to Mrs. and Mr. Bens, one too short and cheerful and the other too tall and grave, perched on the edge of their armchairs. “As long as the dogs don’t bother him and he doesn’t mind spending time downstairs, helping this old man out. These rickety old knees can’t make it up and down the stairs anymore, I’m afraid,” he chuckled, much to the embarrassment of the hosts who had invited him upstairs for tea.

“Of course,” they said together, their bulbous, wide-opened eyes blinking at him rapidly through matching square-framed glasses. “He wouldn’t be a bother at all. Not our Timmy. No, not at all.”

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The Fall of Timmy the Tyrant – Chapter 1 – Duck Pond Inn

Before the boy, the Duck Pond Inn, run by Old Mr. and Mrs. Duck of the Barnyard Ducks of the East, was a happy, lively place.

Old Mr. and Mrs. Duck, older than most people and farms in the village, older than time itself, you may think, their feathers greyer than the grey of a stormy afternoon sky, more beaten-down and worn-out than a well-worn duvet, were a friendly lot.

And they got along with all their long-time tenants.

The Frog brothers who lodged in the thick, knee-high grass along the pond’s edge. The Parrots, Sparrows, and Mynas that nested high up in the lush fruiting trees that followed. The house dogs, Lazy and Tiny, though they weren’t technically their tenants. And even Mr. and Mrs. Bunny and their restless kids that raced about all day, in circles and zigzag waves, on the lawn beyond.

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