The Fall of Timmy the Tyrant – Chapter 4 – The Tyrant Rules

Afternoons became a time of great danger at the Duck Pond Inn. And everybody tried to avoid the boy at first.

When he came, all creatures ran for cover. Those who could climb up the trees, dashed up them. Those who could burrow, burrowed even faster. And those who could fly, flew away swiftly to the outer trees. Far from the reaches of the wicked boy. Or so they thought.

For the brute was persistent. And moved through the foliage methodically, like a skilled hunter. Scanning the tree line, the shoreline, the grounds with his binoculars. Ready to trick and torture anything that moved.

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The Fall of Timmy the Tyrant – Chapter 3 – The King of the Duck Pond

“Bang, bang,” went Timmy as he began his reign of terror against the inhabitants of Duck Pond Inn with a steady firing of his air gun. His first targets, the many visiting ducklings (Old Mr. and Mrs. Duck’s great-grandchildren) playing catch in the pond. Their very sleepy and content grandparents, happy to have the kids for the summer, dozing nearby.

“What was that?” asked Old Mrs. Duck nudging her husband, as she woke up to the first wave of shrieks ripping through the woods. And let out a feather-ruffling shriek of her own.

“Duffy playing dirty again, is he?” muttered Old Mr. Duck lazily, stifling a yawn. One half-opened eye scanning for the miscreant, the other one already ready to doze off.

To their horror, it wasn’t Duffy. Or Fluffy. Or Snuffy for that matter. Who looked up to Duffy as if he were some sort of a cool dude. It was the boy from the cottage. Taking potshots at their great-grandkids. Flashing his wicked, wicked grin.

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